Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Etsy has been so fun to learn this year. I've got sooooo many ideas that I just have to make time to get my stuff listed! I have really enjoyed learning about stuff, while making a few orders here and there!

My hubby even teased me the other night that he still wants to be a stay at home dad, and if I get more etsy orders- he can do it! YEA RIGHT! He's got the job with the benefits and the great discount (on groceries, what could be better!)

Anyways, I've also had some great clients thru etsy, and one in particular has a blog herself, which is so cute and fun to read. I think she is a lot like me, and I to her, she calls herself an Over-The-Top Momma! I consider myself one too! :)

check out her blog!

She was so nice to write some great stuff about my etsy shop!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Batman Birthday

I've been making LOTS of cupcake toppers and centerpieces for orders on Etsy, and it has been reminding me to post about my boys' birthday party that started all these items!

From the capes to cupcake toppers, to the special 'crown's I made my babes, to the centerpiece it was SUPER DUPER! :)

Oh and of course, the completely custom invites with open and closing batwings that I had to make 40 of, that took me days and days!!!!!!