Saturday, February 12, 2011

today was....

Crazy, insane, out of control etc etc!

I had so many etsy requests, convos and orders! And I think tomorrow will be the same to finish up the orders that I'm still discussing with customers! SO EXCITING. But. I need to be careful because of a few things

(since I'm new to all this and have a lot of new viewers, I'll tell a little bit about myself)

1. I have two kids who (happily and deservingly) take up a lot of my time
2. I have a job - a 'real' job that i have to attend and work up to 30 hours a week at!
3. I can't seem to say no. well most of the time. so I need to be careful about all these orders coming in.
4. I'm saving up for a) new bada$$ lenses for my canon 20d (my 3rd baby) and a MAC laptop. I was told by my apple loving brother that I need to wait for the new MACS to come out this spring. so sigh. i wait.
5. I'm a MAC girl. I wasn't going to type this until I got to thinking about it after I wrote #4. I will always be a MAC girl. Never will I choose a PC over a MAC. EVER. Mark my words. You will learn someday, hopefully not the hard way.
6. Apparently I ramble. What is this post about? I don't even remember anymore.
7. I need to go to sleep. I want to wake up at 6 a.m. to make Valentine treats for all those that I love. :)

Good Night!
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I promise my blog will get funnier, prettier and more awesom-er every day!

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